I use this nifty little device for getting good quality audio in real-time into my music recording videos. Previously I was using a technique called overdubbing to insert mp3/wav audio recorded either internally in the instrument or externally using a field recorder the problem with over dubbing is synching the audio to with the picture – can waste quite a bit of time doing this. To avoid synching issues I went down the route of buying a Zoom Q2N which used to do a pretty good job of recording decent quality audio and picture quality but it was fiddly to get the video uploaded to the internet….. cue this Roland Go:Mixer it allows me to use my iPhone/iPad to directly record audio from a stereo audio output port from either my digital piano, organ, or keyboard using the standard IOS camera app. I just plug in the stereo audio source and USB lead to the IOS device set recording levels and hey presto! I can then play and record into the IOS camera app. The unit needs no batteries or charger as it is powered by the Smartphone/iPad the usb lead providing both the power and the digitised sound signal. Since the recording is made directly to a smartphone or tablet it can then be immediately uploaded to YouTube.

Cheers Tony

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