Going More Classical – A 27 Note Radiating Pedalboard


Hi Ya!

I am trying to improve my classical skills at the organ, and one problem i encounter  when playing my Roland PK-7A 20 note pedalboard is running out of notes!

Due to the limitation I have to modify my pedal work whenever any printed music note goes over G2 i would therefore usually play it an octave lower but this gets impractical!

That said the PK-7a is ‘a keeper’ and excellent for popup/rock and simple classical arrangements so i’ll probably just use it with the PSR-SX900 (and might get some TRX Organ software from Sounds Elite – for news on this, watch this space).

My initial thoughts were to go for the big brother of the PK7-A ie: the PK25a which is not spinet size but still has only 25 which although a big improvement, it would still be problematic with some classical organ pieces. The PK25a/PK7a btw is directly compatible with the Atelier (having single power/data connection and combined volume pedal 2 assignable footswitches, plus a handy sustain pedal). 

Unfortunately Roland pulled the plug on these organs and pedalboards so can now only be sourced second hand (and the pk25a is rarely listed).

So i went shopping online and read reviews/ technical specs made some measurements (the pedalboard has to fit between the stand legs of my at900c organ and has to be able transmit bass note on midi channel 2, and a pedal (controller 7) on channel 15.

One contender I liked was the Nord 27 note but it only transmitted on channel 3 and did not have midi on the expression pedal (the length of the pedals were half way between spinet and proper length but according to one review were fine for heel and toe pedaling).

Eventually i have settled on a wooden 27 note radial flat pedalboard with 2 expression pedals having 2 expressions which will also be ideal when i start using Hauptwerk with my setup (watch this space for Hauptwerk progress where i will use my PC and organ to play some of the finest classical and theatre pipe organs in the world!).

i will update this page when i receive the new pedalboard.

Cheers Tony

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