My Instrument Line Up


Hi Ya!


Here’s a few pics and specs of my keyboard instruments:


Roland AT900c home organ, which has some great organ sounds (of all types – church/theatre and the home organ types of 60s/70s like Hammond and Lowrey).

Roland FP30 digital piano, i bought this cheapy piano to help improve my left hand playing technique. The keys are grade weighted it has the full set of 88 keys, the sound of even this sub £600 piano is to my ears brilliant and with the bonus of no tuning and headphones for practicing!


Yamaha PSR-SX900 aka the mini Genos (Yammies flagship keyboard) has the most realistic sounds and backings so i tend to use this for more contemporary music but it also lends itself well to orchestral sounds with features like freeplay which can provide an orchestral type backing without fixed tempo or drums.

My special request email form allows members to choose which instrument they would prefer to have their recording made on.

Cheers Tony

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