Nimrod according to the Bible book of Chronicles was the great grandson of Noah, & King of Shinar which today is known as Mesopotamia. The story tells of him being the leader of the people (a ‘mighty hunter before the Lord’) who built the Tower Of Babel (Babylon), all the people spoke the same language and were building the tower to reach heaven, but the Lord confounded their language and scattered them throughout the earth.

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Entry Of The Gladiators

The most popular of some 300 Marches that were composed by Julius Fucik in 1897, often used as Circus Music. More Pieces

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Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring

Written for the feast day celebrating the visitation of Mary (with Child Jesus in womb) to Elizabeth (bearing John The Baptist). Composed by Johann Sebastian

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Tritsch Tratsch Polka J Strauss

Tritsch Tratsch Polka means ‘chit chat’ as the Viennese  were somewhat liable to gossiping, first played at the summer court in Pavloska Vienna 1858.

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