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Hi Ya!

Thanks for visiting my ‘Hiya’ website, I hope you enjoy your time here exploring my music performance videos all of which have been requested by my members to celebrate an occasion of a friend or family, and you too are welcome to join in.

About Me

I am what you might class as intermediate level keyboard player, i sometimes play in church and started off with some organ lessons at the tender age of 8 years old , i dabble in piano and can play arranger keyboards . If you want a concert level pianist i’m sorry you’ve come to the wrong site, but any piano pieces up to about level 5 ABRSM should be ok and just about any ‘contemporary’ music (big band, jazz, rock pop etc). Part of the fun i find of playing keyboards and organs is the arranging part – so if you want a guitar arrangement instead of a big band of your favourite piece that is possible!

Coming soon – find out in my forthcoming blogging articles about the practical/technical aspects of recording music, I will also blog about how i created this website and the home studio equipment i am using, and also hope to also get round to providing some online learning tutorials for learning to play keyboard piano and organ – so watch this space for whatever appeals!

Cheers Tony

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